Frequently asked questions:


In New Zealand, shipments seem to be running as normal, with on average 1-2 days longer than normal. 

All international orders are taking an extra 5 - 25 working days to arrive with recipients due to covid-19. 

If you live in USA, I would suggest waiting until covid-19 has eased before placing your order.

If you have not had any updates via tracking for longer than 20 days, please email us.

How long does shipping normally take?

In New Zealand, 1-3 working days via courier. 

Internationally, around 5-15 working days via international air mail.


How does the rub work?

Packed full of active herbs and supplements, the rub works when you begin massaging it into your stomach / pelvic area and your back. Massaging the ingredients into warm skin will activate the ingredients, giving you a slight cooling tingle. From there, the ingredients will be absorbed into your blood stream and muscles, providing you with some relief.


What else should I be doing to help myself?

Everyone is different, however I recommend eating really clean (gluten, dairy, sugar free if you can!), exercising 3-4X per week and getting a good sleep every night. I also drink the endoblend tea once per day, before my breakfast to ensure I'm starting the day on a good note.

Around your period, it's best to up your dose in supplements if you take them. Send me a message for a list of supplements that I take. 


Are your products only for endometriosis sufferers?

No, I have made these for endo sufferers in mind, however anyone can use them! If you bloat, have painful periods, cramps, muscle ache's or a poor digestive system, these products are for you too.